Raja Shiv Nabh, Sri Lanka

At Lahore there lived a sikh of the Guru named Mansukh. Once he travelled from Punjab to Sri Lanka with his merchandise. When people of that area noticed the peculiar customs of Mansukh, they reported to the Raja.

They said, 'Our one trader named Mansukh does not worship the idols. He gets up early in the morning and after taking a bath, recites hymns inscribed in his book. By sunrise he goes out for worldly affairs. When he returns back in the evening he again recites hymns. He seems to be an outcaste. Though he is known as a Hindu, but in reality he is slur on the Hindu religion.'

When Raja Shiv Nabh came to know all about him, he at once summoned him.

He asked him, 'You are a born Hindu but you are not worshipping according to acts of your religion. Why are you not doing this?'

Mansukh said, 'I do not believe in idol worship. There is only one God and I recite the hymns in the praise of one God. I have found what I had been seeking.'

Raja asked, 'Who is the author of those hymns which you recited daily.'

Mansukh replied, 'These hymns have been composed by my true Guru. He has come in this world to shatter the bonds of transmigration.'

On hearing Mansukh's account Raja became curious to see the true Guru. He asked Mansukh, 'How could he meet the Guru?'

Then Mansukh told him, 'If he would remember the Guru from the core of his heart, then Guru must one day visit this city to see him.'

Since that Raja began to recite the hymns of Guru Nanak, which he got from Mansukh. In his heart he was awaiting the coming of the Guru.

When the Guru and Bhai Mardana reached the city of Raja Shiv Nabh they took up their dwelling in one garden of Shiv Nabh.

This news spread throughout the city that a holy man from another country had arrived in the city.

When the Raja heard this news, he was pleased that the Guru might have come. But before going to see him, he made certain tests. But when he was assured that the Guru himself had come, he felt very happy. He took his wives and children to pay homage to the great Guru. When he reached the Garden, on seeing the Divine Guru, he fell at his feet. Then he asked some questions and Guru Nanak satisfied him. The Guru granted him the knowledge of the mystery of existence.

Raja Shiv Nabh and his family became Guru's disciples. Raja established there a Temple where holy assembly was held and holy hymns were recited in praise of God.

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