Sumer Parbat

Then the Guru travelled towards Kashmir. From Kartarpur He and Bhai Mardana went to Sialkot and from there to Jammu. Travelling in the valley they visited Amar Nath in the high mountains.

During the journey He met a learned Brahmin named Brahm Dass. He was proud of his learning and always was keeping packs of classical volumes with him. He wanted to impress the Guru by his learning. But the Guru uttered some hymns which made him speechless. He was stunned to hear the words of the Guru.

Then the Guru crossed many mountain ranges and ascended the Sumer Parbat. There He met Sidhas. The Sidhas were astonished to see two travelers coming from the earthly world.

They at once questioned the Guru, 'O man listen! What power is it that has brought you here?'

The Guru replied, 'I worship one God and I meditate on His Name. By His power I have reached here safe and sound.'

Then the Sidhas said, 'What is the condition of the earthly people? How do it fare with them, are they living peacefully?'

Then the Guru said, 'Oh Sidhas! In which capacity can you ask about the earthly people, when you have hidden yourself in these high mountains? You are so co-ward that you do not even dare to go there to save those people. Do you know that darkness over spreads the world, the moon of earth is invisible? The earth is groaning under the weight of unjustness. The kings have become corrupted. The fence itself eats up the crop. The people are wandering in ignorance. The judges sell justice for money. Such is state of the world, but you are enjoying yourself here. You should go to the world and help the poor and crushed people.'

The Sidhas said, 'But there are our yogis, who have been helping those people.'

Then the Guru smiled and said, 'You talk of those beggars, who are hankering from one house to another for seeking alms. Can those beggars face the cruel rulers? Can they raise their voice against them?'

On hearing the Guru all Sidhas became dumb. They perceived the genius of the Guru and thought that if he would join their sect then he could make it famous in the world. In order to entice him they gave him a bowl to bring water from the lake.

When the Guru reached the lake He found that in the water lay diamonds, rubies and gems. He returned back and informed Sidhas that lake was dry. When Sidhas came themselves to see the lake they found that lake had actually dried up.

The Sidhas accepted their defeat and the Guru manifested to them the right path.

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