Invasion of Babar

Guru Nanak proceeded into the Punjab. They reached Saidpur. He met his old friend Bhai Laalo. As being the Sikh of Guru Nanak, Bhai Laalo had become a much respected man.

When the people of Saidpur came to know the arrival of the Guru, they flocked to pay him the homage.

When the Guru enquired of them of their lives and the behavior of the rulers, they said, 'The rulers have become so cruel that they are forced to work without wages. Who refuses, faces the harsh and severe beating.'

The Guru said, 'Don't worry, a more cruel and forceful man is forwarding towards India. He would not only kill these cruel rulers but also look them. The common folk would also suffer along with them. So if you desire, you can leave the city.'

But those people refused to leave the city. They said, 'If you are among us, then we are not afraid of these cruel invaders.'

Soon thereafter Babar invaded the city of Saidpur, the soldiers killed the local rulers and plundered their property. They also killed the helpless men, women and children. The town was taken by assault and residents carried into captivity. There was scene of death and destruction on all sides.

The Guru witnessed the events which overtook Saidpur. He was grieved to see the dreadful happenings. The suffering of the people Hindu and Muslim alike pierced the heart of the Guru.

Addressing Bhai Lalo the Guru uttered this hymn:

'Leading the marriage party of sin Babar has hastened from Kabul;

He demands by force the gift of wealth;

Decency and righteousness both have vanished;

And falsehood marches in the van.

The function of Qazis and Brahmins is over;

The Satan himself performs the marriage rites.

The Muslim women recite the Quran and in distress remember their God.

Similar is the fate of high as well as low caste Hindu women.

Nanak! They sing poems of blood and saffron of blood is sprinkled.'

Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana were also taken prisoners. The Guru was given a load to carry and Bhai Mardana was ordered to lead a horse. When they reached at the camp they were asked to grind corn.

Guru Nanak was also given a hand mill to grind the corn. But the hand mill of Guru Nanak runs by itself.

The poor prisoners were sad and helpless. Guru Nanak's heart could not bear that. He burst forth and sang a hymn.

His song made the prisoners to forget all about the hand mills.

When soldiers heard the melodious voice of the Guru, they were filled with wonder. A few of them went to tell Babar about the incident.

Babar at once rushed to the camp. He himself heard the sweet song of Guru nanak.

When the Guru stopped singing, Babar asked him to explain the meaning of the hymns.

Guru Nanak explained him the meaning in Persian.

He said, 'I was singing about your cruelty and the plight of the victims. Those innocent people have done no harm to you. But you have killed and looted them mercilessly.'

Babar was impressed by Guru Nanak's courage. He fell at the feet of Guru Nanak and asked him what he should do to wash off his sins.

Guru Nanak told him to set free the prisoners and to return their property to them.

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