At Achal Batala

From Saidpur Guru Nanak and Bhai Mardana reached Kartarpur. He was then an old man of over sixty years. But leading a life of a traveler, he was active and healthy. He started living the life of a family.

After staying for one year at Kartarpur, Guru Nanak made another brief journey. There was a place named Achal near Batala. Achal was the centre of Yogis. Guru Nanak had exposed the false tricks of Yogis during his journeys but still they had some incluence in Achal. They were against family life. They considered themselves holy religious leaders.

At the time of Shivratri fair a large number of Sidh Yogis had assembled there. They wanted to regain their influence. Guru Nanak decided to face these Sidh Yogis. He also took His Sikhs with Him and went to the fair.

At one place Guru Nanak found a large gathering of people listening to the Yogis. They were bowing before the yogis and offering them presents.

Guru Nanak selected a place near the Yogis. They sat under the shade of a jujube tree.

He asked Bhai Mardana to play on the rabab and the Guru started singing his Divine Hymns. When the people heard the voice of the Guru, they rushed to see him.

The people, who were bowing and presenting gifts to the Yogis, left that place and came to listen the Guru. The yogis were enraged. Their Head Yogi Bhangar Nath with some other Yogis came to see Guru Nanak.

He said, 'Why have you rejected the religious garb and taken again worldly clothes.'

The Guru replied, 'You have abandoned your family life and turned an anchorite, but still you beg at the doors of house holders. Your life depends upon their alms. It means family life is the finest form of life.'

Then Bangar Nath said, 'How do you say that the life of a householder is better than the life of a Yogi?'

The Guru smiled and said, 'O Nath! You have left the world, but still you go to the doors of house holders for your daily needs. You are leading the life of a drone.'

They recited mantras and tried their all tantric powers. They assumed many different forms and showed dreadful miracles. But the Guru remained unmoved.

He said, 'O Naths! What are you doing is of little value. God is giver of all things and nobody could win Him by miracle powers. The true Name of God is the greatest miracle. Without the gift of Name all this would be like a shadow of cloud.'

Hearing this, Yogis fell at the feet of Guru Nanak and said, 'O Nanak! Your rank is exalted. You have kindled a new light in the age of Kalyug.'

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