The Pirs Of Multan

After attending the Achal Batala fair, Guru Nanak returned back to Kartarpur. Here He wrote in poetry, the gist of dialogues with Sidh Yogis. The name of this poetic masterpiece is available in ‘Sidh Ghost'.

At Kartarpur the Guru got information that the Sufi Faqir and Holy Pirs had been gathering at Multan. He wanted to have discoursed with them. As the Sidh Yogis used to loot the people by showing their miracles, in the similar way the Pirs, Faqirs were also befooling the people by their celestial powers.

The Guru and Bhai Mardana set out for Multan. Reaching there the Guru selected a place of their abode outside the city. There they were singing hymns in praise of God.

When the people of Multan heard about the arrival of the Guru, they flocked to pay homage to Him. The fair which was being celebrated inside the city became manless. Pir, faqirs were grieved to see this.

One of them said, 'Until or unless, the Guru does not leave Multan, we will be ruined. All our disciples and devotes are attending the Darbar of Guru Nanak. We should try to force Guru to leave Multan.'

Another said, 'But it is not possible for force the Guru to leave the city. He has more followers than us. All those followers will go against us and instead of ousting the Guru, they will turn us out.'

So they thought a plan. They took a bowl brimful of milk and presented it to the Guru.

The Guru asked the Pirs to sit near Him. He accepted the bowl very happily. The Guru at once understood the hidden meaning of the presentation of the bowl brimful of milk.

It indicated thereby that Multan was already full of holy men. There was no scope for another holy man to stay there.

Guru Nanak put a Jasmine flower on the milk. The bowl did not overflow while the flower floated on it. In this way Guru Nanak spoke to the Pir of Multan in his own idiom.

He told them without speaking that there was still room for a man like Nanak in their city.

The Pirs at once understood the meaning of the idiom pointed out by the Guru.

Then they said, 'Why have you changed your dress of a saint into that of a household man?'

Guru Nanak said, 'Best way of life is the family life. I weared this dress of a saint for a special cause. I have now served that cause. So I have again become a family man.'

Then Guru advised them, 'You have left the world but still you beg at the door of a householder. You depend upon those people. When you heard about my arrival, you became worried. That is why you presented me the bowl of milk. I am a family man, so you should not worry. I would not be a burden for common man. You should also work with your hands to earn money. God only loves those workers, who not only earn for themselves but share it with others. Learn to make an honest living and learn to share the fruit of labor with others. Always remember your God.'

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