Bhai Mardana's Soul Merged With Divine Light

One day Bhai Mardana fell ill. He was then seventy six years old. He grew so weak that there was no hope of recovery. He requested the Guru to meet him. The Guru at once reached there.

Bhai Mardana said, 'My lord I am dying.'

The Guru smiled and said, 'Mardana, you would never die, you have conquered death. Now you will go to your heavenly abode. You have been liberated. But you should tell how your body be disposed of.'

Bha Mardana replied in a low voice, 'As you wish.'

Then the Guru said, 'Shall I build a beautiful tomb to make you famous in the world?'

Bhai Mardana placed head on the feet of Guru and said, 'My Lord, when you are releasing me from this bodily confinement, why should you imprison me in stone.'

Then the Guru asked him to fix his mind on God and within a few minutes, Mardana passed away. The Guru consoled his son Shahzada and other members of his family.

Bhai Mardana spent forty five years in the company of the Guru. He followed Him where even He went. He enjoyed Guru's affection and confidence.

The daily Kirtan looked somewhat different after the death of Bhai Mardana. The devotees loved his amiable figures. They had become habitual to see the Guru and Bhai Mardana together. He was such an outstanding musician that people thought that there was no one so competent to fill his place. But his son Shahzada took his place confidently.

Father of Guru Nanak, Mehta Kalu died in 1522. He was then eighty two years old. Mata Tripta also died a few days after the demise of Mehta Kalu.

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