Continuity of light of god

When Guru Nanak himself became advanced in years, He began to search his successor. His main aim was to find such a man who could continue his mission. He felt that neither of his sons was up to his expectations. It was greatest test of his life. His sons also wanted to become the Guru.

His eldest son Baba Sri Chand never married and lived the life of an ascetic. But the Guru did not like his way of living. He preferred to live as a house holder. His choice was one of his two disciples.

One was Bhai Buddha and the other was Bhai Lehna.

One day when the Guru told about his choice to Bhai Budha.

He said, 'My Lord, I am a humble servant of the Guru. I cannot perform the duty of a Guru. Honor me with your service.'

The Guru Nanak blessed him that in future the true Guru would be installed with his or his family member approval.

Then Guru Nanak made up his mind to install Bhai Lehna as Guru. He addressed Lehna as Angad (Part of his body). Then the Guru brought five copper coins and placed before Angad. He bowed down at His feet. Then Guru Nanak in order to keep continuity of his mission imparted His light to 'Angad. Then He asked Bhai Buddha to apply Tilak on the forehead of Guru Angad Dev.

Bhai Buddha applied the ‘Tilak' and bowed before the new Guru. Then all members present in the assembly bowed before the new Guru.

After distributing ‘Prasad' to Sangat, Guru Nanak advised Guru Angad to return to His village Sanghar. The Guru Angad obeyed and went to His village.

Though He had assumed the stewardship of the Sikhs, but He was not happy. He did not want to go away from Guru Nanak.

At the time of His departure Guru Nanak handed Him a book in which His hymns were written. He also advised Him to keep in mind three important percepts.

'First there is neither Hindu nor Musalman,

Second we should make an honest living and fruit of labour must be shares,

Third we should always remember God and must consider family life superior to the life of an ascetic.'

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