Shade by cobra

The Guru liked the job of grazing the cattle. He was very fond of natural scenery. The deep forests and high mountains had a great attraction for him. Every morning he set out with the buffaloes for the forest and for other green pastures. He used to graze the cattle till noon then he would drive them under a big, tall and shady tree, for rest.

One day when it was very hot summer noon, the Guru drove the cattle towards that shady tree. The buffaloes felt relieved standing under that tree and the Guru also put his long towel on the ground and sat down. After sometime Guru Nanak also lay down and fell asleep. With the passing of the time the shade of the tree shifted and hot rays of the sun began to fall on his naked face. Suddenly a big cobra came near the Guru Nanak and spread out its large hood over the face of the sleeping Guru Nanak to protect it from the hot rays of the mid day sun. But Guru Nanak was unaware about this He slept peacefully under the umbrella of the hood.

By chance Rai Bular was returning home with his servants. When they came near that shady tree, Rai Bular was alarmed to see the Guru lying fast asleep unaware of a big cobra beside him. Guru Nanak was lying motionless so he thought cobra had killed him.

When the cobra saw someone coming towards him, it vanished into the nearby shrubs. In the meantime Rai Bular approached near Guru Nanak and found him fast asleep. The hot rays of the sun were falling on his face. He was pleased to see Guru Nanak alive. His servants told him that when they came near, the cobra folded it hood and ran away.

Rai Bular said, 'The cobra was not an ordinary snake, the God had sent him to protect Guru Nanak from the scorching heat of the sun. The cobra had not approached Guru Nanak to kill him, but it had come there to provide Him shade.'

Then Rai Bular touched the feet of Guru Nanak and aroused him from sleep. Guru Nanak got up saying, 'Great is the God! Great is the God!' Rai Bular said to his servants, 'Guru Nanak is not an ordinary boy, God's favour and benevolence rests on Him.'

Rai Bular was so impressed to see the miracle that he did not mount his horse again and reached home walking along with his servants.

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