Dialogue with Physician

After that episode a sudden change came upon Guru Nanak. He grew silent and did not wish to come out of his home. He was always meditating on the Name of God and became immersed in his own thoughts. He used to forgot to eat His meals. His strange behaviour worried his parents. The friends of Mehta Kalu were also advising him to take care of his son and they were taunting him for his quietness. They asked him to call a physician in order to diagnose the disease.

Hearing the people talk like this, Mehta Kalu called Haridas, the village doctor, to treat Guru Nanak his son.

When Haridas arrived, he held Guru ji's wrist to feel the pulse. The Guru looked keenly towards the face of the physician and smiled.

Young Guru Nanak pulled away his arm and asked, ' Why do you hold my arm?'

The doctor explained 'I'm trying to take your pulse so that I can find out what is wrong with you. Then I can give you medicine to feel better.'

Guru Nanak Dev ji laughed and said, 'O physician! What are you seeing, I am quite healthy, the sickness which you are searching with your fingers is not of the body. You cannot diagnose it. It is beyond yours knowledge.'

These words of the Guru enraged the physician and he said, 'There is no disease beyond my knowledge. I have cured many fatal diseases.'

The Guru replied, 'It might be true that you have cured many deadly diseases. But have you got any medicine for that dreadful disease which has gripped our society. Here is a rule of sin and vice and innocent people are maltreated.'

The physician said, 'Why should I worry about all these things. It all depends upon one's fate and destiny. Everybody gets outcome of one's deeds.'

Then the Guru got up and said, 'You are talking of the deeds of our last birth. But why are not talking about the deeds of this birth, when you are seeing with your own eyes the deeds of the people. There are some people who are crushing the others and there are someone who are being crushed. It means in our society there are two types of people. We must also try to know that those people who are being crushed, have they done any offence. Are they really guilty? God has created all human beings equal. But the cruel rulers forget that they are also creation of the God. God is sole creator of this universe. But these rulers consider themselves as the owner of this world. They consider all others as their slaves. Since some days I have been thinking about these butchers and innocent kids. I have concluded that those people who forsake God undergo these hardships. I will tell these people that the remedy of all these woes lies in meditation on the Name of God. God's Name is jewel of blissh and nectar of peace. When man becomes companionless there, God's Name alone is his helper.'

Doctor Haridas knew only to cure a sick body, not the mind. However he understood what Guru Nanak had said.

He took leave of Mehta Kalu saying, 'Guru Nanak has no physical ailment. He is immersed in the love of God. So stop worrying about your son. He does not need any medicine from a doctor.'

The doctor then worshipped Nanak and took his leave.

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