Job at modi khana

In those times the revenue was collected in kind of crop. The village Talwandi was within the domination of Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi. The Nawab had been collecting this revenue through his one trusted employee named Jai Ram. He was a man of good nature. As Jai Ram belonged to Khatri lineage, so Rai Bular called Mehta Kalu and told him that Jai Ram is a suitable match for Nanaki. Mehta Kalu readily accepted the proposal. Within a year the marriage was arranged and sister Nanaki went to Sultanpur Lodhi with Jai Ram.

Guru Nanak was though younger in age, but Jai Ram had great regard for him. One day a messenger came from Sultanpur Lodhi, who told Mehta Kalu that Jai Ram had invited Guru Nanak to visit him. Guru Nanak took his friend Bhai Mardana with him and they reached Sultanpur Lodhi.

Jai Ram had a great regard in the court of Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi. One day he introduced Guru Nanak to Nawab, who was very impressed to have a glimpse of such a charming personality. Whatever question he asked him, Guru replied with great confidence and competence. Nawab was struck by his answers and forthwith made him incharge of his stores. He fixed his salary. Guru Nanak liked that service.

But doing Nawab's service he had not forgotten to contemplate on the Name of God. Daily he arose early in the morning and walked to reverlet Bein. He bathed and then remained absorbed in reciting Name of the Almighty. He was spending his day in the Modi Khana. He was doing his duty very efficiently. Who ever came in his contact, was very much impressed by his kind behavior. He had a great regard for the poor and low castes. Though he was working there, but his thoughts remained with God. One day when he was weighing the ration he was so much engrossed in uttering the word ‘Tera' that he kept repeating it ‘tera, tera'.

In the evening he used to go to nearby jungle accompanied by his friends and recited there the hymns in praise of God. During that period many people had become his admirers. They followed him and gave him a company in singing the holy songs.

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