Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi was very happy that Guru Nanak had been performing his works very competently.

Though Nanak was doing his duty satisfactorily but he was not saving money. He used to distribute his own earning to the poor and the needy. He was serving the saints and the holy men without any discrimination of caste or creed. Bebe Nanaki was of the view that if Nanak would marry then His habits would also get changed and would save some money for his household.

One day she asked Guru Nanak about His marriage. Guru Nanak replied, 'Do you consider me an ascetic or a recluse. I love God and I try my best to contemplate the Name of God. The married people can also do this without any hindrance. It would be my first duty to take care of my wife, all other engagements come next.'

Bebe Nanaki felt very happy that Guru Nanak had agreed to get married. She told Jai Ram about this. Jai Ram had already seen a girl. Mata Sulakhani, daughter of Mool Chand, Batala. Mool Chand was working as a record keeper of the lands of Randhawa Jats of the village Pakhoke.

Jai Ram at once sent a messenger to Batala. He told the messenger to bring Mool Chand with him. Mool Chand reached Sultanpur Lodhi and saw Guru Nanak. He at once gave his consent and told Jai Ram that his family would feel very happy by this alliance. Then Jai Ram obtained the approval of Mehta Kalu, Mata Tripta felt very happy to hear the news. Guru Nanak was eighteen, when the marriage took place. His marriage was fixed on 24 Jeth 1544 B.K. Mehta Kalu, Mata Tripta and their all relatives, friends reached Sultanpur Lodhi. Thus the wedding party was formed in Sultanpur Lodhi. Many Sadhus also joined the marriage party.

The spot where the marriage party stayed, there was a mud wall nearby. An old woman came and warned the party to shift away from the wall as that was imminent to fall. But Guru Nanak said, 'Mother! Don't worry, this wall will stay forever.'

This wall still stands at Batala and a beautiful shrine is constructed over it. That day is observed as a great festival in the month of Bhadon, Sudi Seventh. After Marriage the Guru brought Mata Sulakhani to Sultanpur Lodhi.

Mata Sulakhani, the wife of Guru Nanak was very gentle and virtuous. She endured the prolonged separations after Guru Nanak set foot on his long journeys. Her sacrifice and the patience lend nobility to her character. Guru Nanak stayed for some years at Sultanpur Lodhi and Mata Sulakhani set up a hospitable home. She served and cooked for the holy men.

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