Early Life

Guru Ram Dass was born on 25th September 1534 in Chuna Mandi, Lahore. He was the son of Hari Dass Sodhi, Khatri and Anupi Devi, known as Mata Daya. He was named as Ram Dass but as he was the first child he was popularly known as Jetha.

He had one younger brother Hardial and one younger sister Ram Dassi. He was fair of complexion and very handsome.

From childhood He had great love for God and He was always found in the company of holy men. He was very gentle, sociable and courteous. His parents wanted that He should take to some profitable work, but He showed no interest in the worldly affairs. But one day his mother Daya forced him to peddle roasted grams.

Bhai Jetha went to the bank of the River Ravi to sell the grams. But there He met a band of saints who had taken nothing that day. He distributed the grams to the hungry saints and came back home without earning.

His parents died when he was merely seven years old. He and his brother and sister became orphan in childhood.

After the death of his parents their grandmother took them to village Basarke. His grandfather was not a rich man. So in order to make his living he began to sell grams under the shade of a tree on the bank of a tank. Being sociable and courteous he was earning money reasonably.

Guru Amar Dass also belonged to Basarke village. He knew very well the grandfather and grandmother of Bhai Jetha.

When Guru Amardass heard about orphan children He felt very grieved. He wanted to help them. He used to meet Bhai Jetha at the bank of the river. He liked the nature of Bhai Jetha.

When Guru Amar Dass colonized Goindwal, He was asked by Guru Angad to shift his family from Basarke to Goindwal.

When Bhai Jetha heard about this news, He also decided to go to Goindwal. He told his grandfather about his decision. They allowed him. So he met Guru Amar Dass and reached Goindwal with them.

At that time he was twelve years old. His grandparents perceived that he would earn more in the new city.

As he had lived at Basarke for five years so all the family members of Guru Amar Dass loved him due to his amiable nature.

Reaching Goindwal Bhai Jetha resumed his work of selling roasted grams. There he found the construction work of making town Goindwal was in full swing. The devotees of Guru Angad had come from far places and were serving there without taking any wages.

Bhai Jetha was very much influenced by the selfless service of the Sikhs. He also made up his mind to become a Sikh.

After selling the grams, he made it his daily routine to help in the construction of buildings. He used also to serve the devotees. There was a common kitchen for the workers.

Bhai Jetha resumed the duty of bringing water for the Langar. Sometimes he was cleaning the utensils and when he was getting time he was also going to the forest to collect dry sticks for the Langar.

Guru Amar Dass liked the boy very much. He was very happy at his service. He also made arrangements for his residence. Many devotees had become friends of Bhai Jetha.

But the family members of Guru Amar Dass became his close associates. Bhai Gurdas, Bhai Sawan

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