A Discussions with Yogis

Once a group of Yogis were staying at Amritsar, they were studying the way of living of the Sikhs,

One day they met the Guru and said, 'We are surprised to see that your Sikhs do not perform Ashat Yog. It is very difficult to control the mind without apprehension of Yoga. We have perceived that your Sikhs would not attain salvation.'

The Guru said, 'We don't believe in the performance of Yogas. Our Sikhs do not live as recluses. There is no need to play on a reed or a flute. We believe in One God and realize Him with love and compassion. When a man realizes God he attains salvation forth with. So simple, to get salvation is to recite the Name of God and to see Him in His creation. By reciting the Name of God all troubles vanish and man gets true happiness. One who resides even a particle of God's Name in his heart becomes immortal and attains salvation. A man can recite the Name of God in doing his routine works. So he need not go to the mountains or forests like you.'

Yogis were satisfied to hear the answer of the Guru and went away.

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