Bhai Soma Shah

One day a businessman, Soma Shah of Jhelam came to see Amrtisar. At Jhelam he was considered to be an established businessman.

But when he saw the Guru and residents of the city he made up his mind to settle there forever.

For his livelihood, he opened a small shop near the holy tank. Within a brief period his business progressed well. But he was not so greedy.

When satisfied that he had earned enough to make both ends meet; he used to close his shop and placed himself at the service of the Guru. The Guru had also an eye on his business and service.

One day the Guru went to his shop and said, 'Bhai Soma Shah what have you earned today?'

Bhai Soma Shah got up and paid homage to the Guru. Then he collected the money which he had earned that day and handed it over to the Guru.

The Guru took that amount and distributed to the laborers. Bhai Soma shah became very happy at this act of the Guru. He considered that his earnings had served the Guru.

The Guru was daily going to his shop in the evening.

On the sixth day when the Guru went to his shop, he at once handed over sale of the day to the Guru. The Guru was very pleased to see his contentment and satisfaction.

The Guru blessed him and used these words:

Soma Shah, Beparwah, Guru Ka Shah

Due to blessings of the Guru he became one of the richest businessman of Amritsar.

Though he had become a very busy merchant, but still he served the Guru with great demotion. He was attending the Darbar in the morning and evening without break. He also served in the common kitchen with great pleasure.

His family was also going with him and they all served in the Langar. They were bringing water, distributing the meals to the devotees and cleaning the utensils.

His son Ram Shah was also a beloved Sikh of the Guru. He was appointed as a preacher of Multan by Guru Arjan Dev.

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