Merged into supreme light

Baba Prithi Chand did not recognize (Guru) Arjan Dev, the true Guru.

His conceitedness and arrogance did not change. He continued his misbehavior towards the Guru. He considered the Guruship as his birth right. When Guru Ram Dass found that he would not change his attitude then he condemned him in the public. He reprimanded him for his concealing letters sent by (Guru) Arjan Dev from Lahore.

After bestowing the honour of Guruship upon Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Ram Dass with his family left for Goindwal. He also took Baba Budha with him. He told the members of his family that his end was not far. He wanted to merge into Supreme Light at Goindwal.

On 1st September 1581 Guru Ram Dass took bath in the Baoli and attended the Darbar.

Then He called Guru Arjan Dev to sit near him and said, 'Now you are embodiment of four Gurus. The Divine Light travelling from Guru Nanak to Guru Angad to Guru Amar Dass to Guru Ram Dass has now come to you. You are now fifth Guru of the Sikhs. Guru Amar Dass had advised me to construct Amritsar city, a Nectar Tank and Harimandir Sahib. But with in this limited time I have not been able to construct a beautiful Harimandir Sahib inside the Nectar Tank so that the devotees after taking bath in the Holy Tank, could hear the Divine music sitting inside the Harimandir Sahib.

Then He called Baba Budha and advising him, 'You should make the necessary arrangement for the construction of the Harimandir Sahib. You know also very well that Prithi Chand would not tolerate it and might try to offend the fifth Guru. You should discard him and tell the Sikhs that Guru Arjan Dev is the real Guru and Prithi Chand is a thief.'

Then he addressed the congregation and said, 'Always recite the Name of God and listen to the hymns sung by the singers. Believe in Guru Arjan Dev who is my embodiment.'

Then Guru advised the members of the family and the Sikhs, 'Not to mourn on my death. It is the Will of God that my time has come to merge with the Supreme Being.'

Then He closed his eyes and merged into Supreme Light.

When the devotees and the members of the family found that the reverend Guru had left them, they asked the singers to recited the hymns.

As the Guru had advised, no one wept on that occasion. All accepted the Will of God.

Next day the body of the Guru was cremated at the bank of river Beas.

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