Worship of true guru

When Bhai Jetha reached Goindwal that city was still under construction. The Sikhs of Guru were also constructing houses for their own residences. The city being on the grand trunk road so the Muslims were also constructing their houses. The Bazaars and shops were also under construction.

The construction work continued for six years. Goinda was constructing the houses according to the advise of Guru Amar Dass. The enemies of Goinda, who used to demolish the houses constructed by Goinda, now did not dare to enter the colony. They were afraid of the Sikhs of the Guru. They were forced to help in the construction work as they also needed some houses for their residences.

When the city was almost colonized, it was named as Goindwal on the name of Goinda.

Bhai Jetha tried to remain with him always. He was always at his beck and call. He was doing all types of services. When the Guru was holding Darbar he used to provide fan service to the congregation.

In Langar he was cleaning the utensils and at the time of construction work he was carrying baskets of mud on his head.

Though there was a free kitchen but Bhai Jetha was selling roasted grams for his livelihood.

Guru was so pleased at his service that one day he called Bhai Jetha and said, 'My son! Tell me what wish, desire and aspiration has brought you hear. What is your aim and ambition?'

Bhai Jetha bowed before the Guru and said, 'I have come here abandoning and renouncing all desires.'

The Guru was very pleased to hear such an answer. Then the Guru said, 'If you have come here abandoning all desires then the true sovereignty awaits you.'

He won every heart with his hard labor and true service. It was his devotion to service that he became son-in-law of the Guru. He was also very intelligent and talented.

When Brahmins complaint to Akbar against Guru Amar Dass. Then Guru sent Bhai Jetha as his representative in the court.

Bhai Jetha gave reply to all charges very competently. He told that Guru Amar Dass had no intention to malign the Hindu faith. He was only teaching the people to understand the true meaning of life.

He also told him that Hindus believed in caste system. They consider that some are born high but others are born low.

But Guru Nanak believed that all are born equal. A man becomes high or low by his deeds. He also stressed that Sikhs believe only in One God, so they do not worship Gods and idols.

King Akbar was convinced that the Guru was right in his approach.

When he found Guru's teaching very near to his way of thinking, he was satisfied.

Akbar was so pleased that he honoured Bhai Jetha. He also desired to have an audience with the Guru and Bhai Jetha invited him to pay a visit to Goindwal.

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