When Guru Amar Dass got the Guruship from Guru Angad, at that time Bhai Jetha was of eighteen years. He had a very attractive personality. He won every heart with his sweet voice and godliness.

One day mother Mansa Devi said to Guru Amar Dass, 'Our daughter Bhani has now grown up, it is the right time we should select a suitable groom for her.'

The Guru replied, 'It is very proper that you have reminded me that our daughter has reached the marriageable age. But tell me what type of groom should we search for?'

Mata Mansa Devi said, 'He should be young, healthy, talented, learned, pious, Gursikh and very handsome.'

At that time Bhai Jetha had come to meet Guru to take advice for the construction work.

When he saw that Mata Mansa Devi had an audience with the Guru, he stood aside.

When Mata Mansa Devi saw standing Bhai Jetha nearby, then Mata Mansa Devi pointing towards Bhai Jetha said, 'The groom should be like this boy.'

The Guru replied, 'He is the only boy who resembles him, there is none else in this world that had the features and qualities like him. If this boy seem you ideal of your imagination as the suitable groom for our daughter Bhani then why not consider him as suitable groom for her.'

Mother Mansa Devi had no objection to that. So they decided to ask Bhai Jetha for their proposal.

One day the Guru called Bhai Jetha in his own room. Bhai Jetha came and paid homage to the Guru. The Guru asked him to sit beside him.

When Bhai Jetha sat near him the Guru said, 'Bhai Jetha! I have called for you for a special purpose. Today I want something from you. I hope that you would not decline.'

Bhai Jetha said, 'My Lord! I can offer you even my head. I always think how I can avail my services to you.'

The Guru said, 'I am very pleased to hear this answer. I beg your hand for my daughter Bhani. Please inform me after deliberation.'

Bhai Jetha had never thought that one day he would become as son-in-law of the Guru. But he was ordained so he remained calm.

After few days Bibi Bhani was married to Bhai Jetha.

They both liked each other and they were both of the similar nature.

After marriage they met Guru Amar Dass and Mata Mansa Devi and fell at their feet. They blessed them for a long life and happy living.

Then they requested the Guru they did not want to go elsewhere. They wanted to remain at their service. The Guru agreed that and He got constructed a separate house for their residence.

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