Guru Ram Das Chakk

Guru Amar Dass wanted to colonize a new city. He took Bhai Jetha with him and reached the place where He wanted to build a new city.

It was that place where Guru Nanak Dev and Bhai Mardana had rested for some time when they were going on a long journey starting from Sultanpur Lodhi.

When Guru Nanak was resting at that beautiful place He had said, 'One day a beautiful city and a Pool of Nectar will be constructed at this place.'

When Guru Amar Dass and Bhai Jetha reached at that place, Guru Amar Dass sent for the headmen of the villages of Gumtala, Tung, Sultanwind and Gillwali.

The Guru told them that He wanted to colonize a new city at that place.

The people of those villages agreed to the proposal of the Guru and showed their willingness to contribute their lands for the construction of the city.

But the Guru told them that he would compensate them according to the current value of the land.

So He paid the price of the land and got the deed transferred to his name.

Foundation stone of the town was laid by Guru Amar Dass himself and town was named as Guru Ka Chakk.

Guru Amar Dass had already colonized Goindwal under his supervision. So He had become an experienced town planner. He gave detailed instructions about the planning of the new city and returned back to Goindwal.

Bhai Jetha started construction work with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Sikhs of the nearby villages also came for help.

The Guru first constructed the residential houses according to the instruction of Guru Amar Dass. These residential houses came to be known as Guru ke Mehal.

Near the residential houses a Bazaar was formulated so that the devotees and laborers could buy the necessary articles. That Bazaar came to be knows as Guru Bazaar.

When the residential complex and business centre was established then Guru Amar Dass sent a message to Bhai Jetha to come back to Goindwal.

When Bhai Jetha reached Goindwal then Guru after testing his ability adequacy, capability, experience suitability and devotedness entrusted him the leadership of the Sikhs.

He was declared as the fourth Guru. Bestowing upon him the honor of Guruship, Guru Amar Dass asked him to shift his residence to new colonized city. He also asked to the new Guru to make that city as centre of preaching.

After completion of the Guru Bazaar, digging of the Santokh Sar Sarovar started. The workers and masons also constructed houses for their own residences.

The Guru also started Langar for the deovtess and the workers.

The Guru sent messages far and wide that a new city is under colonization. He also informed them that free land would be allotted for the construction of houses and shops. When the traders and craftsman heard about it, they reached the city in large number.

When Guru Ram Dass constructed a Darbar Hall and started preaching the devotees then the name of the city was changed to Chakk Ram Dass.

The Guru also bought five hundred bighas of land from the nearby village Tung for the further expansion of town.

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