Visit To Lahore

The elegance and hustle and bustle of Amritsar city was increasing day by day.

In those days some pilgrims from Lahore visited the Darbar of the Guru.

Bhai Sihari Mal a relative of the Guru also accompanied the pilgrims.

At the time of their departure Bhai Sihari Mal requested the Guru to visit his birth place. He told the Guru that Sikhs of Lahore were eagerly waiting for him.

The Guru agreed and promised that he would reach Lahore within a month.

One day he asked his Sikhs to make arrangements for his departure for Lahore. He took with him all members of his family and some devout Sikhs.

When He reached near the Lahore, He saw that all prominent Sikhs and other inhabitants of Lahore had come out to welcome him.

They were proud of his that He belonged to Lahore. They perceived that one orphan child due to his selfless service and hard work had become the True Emperor.

Guru Ram Dass first visited his own house in Chuna Mandi. He stayed there for few days and converted that house into a holy monument.

Making his house a common religious place he stayed in the house of Bhai Sihari Mal. The house of Bhai Sihari Mal was very vast. There devotees were coming to pay homage to the Guru during the whole day.

After staying for a long time he returned back to Amritsar along with his family and other Sikhs.

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