Akbar visit to amritsar

The Emperor Akbar evolved a new religion which he named as Din-e-Liahi.

Once a discussion emphasized, 'Who is the man in the world, who could be graded as the real God.'

The Hindus and Muslims named thousands of their saints and pir faqirs, but Emperor Akbar was not satisfied.

There was one Sikhs of Guru Ram Dass. He said, 'If you desire to see the living God in this world then you should meet Guru Ram Dass. He has no lust for money. Whatever he receives from his devotees he gives to the needy persons. Who ever goes there, never remains hungry.'

When Emperor Akbar memorized that old case he remembered the meeting with Guru Amar Dass at Goindwal. He asked his courtiers that he would meet Guru Ram Dass whenever he goes to Lahore.

Once he came to Lahore to suppress the revolt of the Afghans. Then he stayed at Lahore and desired to meet Guru Ram Dass at Amritsar. Emperor Akbar took with him Golden Mohars to offer to the Guru.

When he reached Darbar Sahib he saw thousands of people attending the Guru to hear his holy sermons.

When he paid a visit to the Guru, he gave him respect.

But the King had arrived there to test the humility of Guru Ram Dass. So he presented a big plate full of Golden Mohars to the Guru.

At that time his younger son (Guru) Arjan Dev was sitting beside him. The Guru asked him to take the plate and to distribute the Golden Mohars to the needy persons.

Guru Arjan Dev took the plate and distributed the Mohars to the poor. The Emperor Akbar was amazed to see such an act of the Guru.

Later on he was told that the Guru never keeps money with him whatever offerings he receives he gives to the needy and poor persons. The Langar of the Guru was running for twenty four hours.

Emperor Akbar was convinced that Guru Ram Dass was a great Saint. He desired to offer a Jagir of twelve villages for the maintenance of the kitchen.

But the Guru refused and said, 'Such free kitchens do not depend upon Jagirs. Men fight with each other due to these Jagirs. These Jagirs are sources of evil passions, pride and ego. We only believe in One God and by the Name of God are sustained all creatures, continents, all worlds and spheres. He is Lord of this world and the next world.'

King was pleased to hear these words of the Guru. He told his courtiers that he had seen an embodiment of real God.

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