Raja Of Multan

Applause of Nectar Pool was beyond description. Whosoever heard that after having a dip in the Nectar Pool, all diseases vanish.

Rajas and Kings were also taking baths in the ‘Nectar Pool'.

Once Raja of Multan was afflicted with such a disease that all vaids and doctors failed to cure him.

When there remained no hope of the survival of his life, then the Raja asked his ministers, 'Is there any saint who can cure his disease.'

One of the minister said, 'If you go to Amritsar and take a bath in the holy water of ‘Nectar Pool' then you would get cured of this disease.'

Raja at once made up his mind to go to Amritsar. He took his queens, ministers and servants and riding on chariots reached Amritsar.

He was estranged to see such a beautiful city of Amritsar.

When he reached the centre of the city he was mesmerized to see the holy tank of Nectar. The singers were reciting the holy hymns of the Gurus and the atmosphere was very peaceful and glorious.

His servants helped him and he took bath in the holy tank. By taking bath in the tank his mind felt wonderful ecstasy. He also experienced that he has become a changed man.

He said to his queens and servants, 'I have been cured of my affliction. Now I am feeling hale and healthy.'

His queens and servants became very happy. Then all took bath in the holy tank.

After resting for some time, they attended the Darbar and paid homage to the Guru with great reverence.

Raja himself placed some Mohars in front of the Gurus as offerings. When the Guru blessed him he perceived as if he had found all the enjoyments of the world. The color of his face changed. He thanked the Guru from the core of his heart.

He said, 'You have done a great benevolent work by constructing such a holy tank of Nectar. The whole mankind is obliged for your kindness. I was suffering from such a chronic disease that all treatments failed. But one dip in the holy water has changed my life.'

Raja was so much influenced by the charming personality of the Guru that he stayed there for many days. He was daily taking bath in the holy tank and it became his routine to listen the recitation of the hymns.

He became a devout Sikh of the Guru. When he returned back to Multan he preached Sikhism to his subjects.

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