Meeting with Baba Sri Chand

When Baba Sri Chand heard about the construction of the Amritsar city, Nectar Pool and praise of Guru Ram Dass, he came to Amritsar for an audience with the Guru.

At that time he was about ninety years old. Due to worship of God he was still very active and healthy. He was wearing a saffron coloured dress. But he had no affinity with the yogis and recluses.

When Guru Ram Dass heard about the arrival of Baba Sri Chand, He rose and went to receive Baba on the way.

Baba Sri Chand was very pleased to see the Divine face of the Guru. His face seemed to him resembling the face of his father Guru Nanak.

He was fascinated to see the charming personality of the Guru.

Then pointing towards the beard of the Guru he said, 'It is this humility and politeness which has made you worthy of Guruship. I have heard about your benevolence, generosity, and humbleness, but now I have seen with my own eyes. With your devoted service you have not achieved the Guruship but also won the hearts of mankind. Your praise cannot be described in words. I have been very pleased to see the city of Amritsar which you have built with great hardship. The glory and grandeur of the Nectar Pool is matchless. I bless that whoever would take a bath in this tank, must be cured of his all sins and get salvation.'

When Baba Sri Chand asked for leave, Guru Ram Dass bade him farewell with great respect. He offered rupees five hundred and one horse of at the time of his departure.

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