Sikh Bani

Sikh Bani provides great information on history of sikh religion (one of the youngest of the major world religions, and the fifth-largest.). You can gain information about the sikh gurus and their sacrifices

Read gurbani online

You can read the gurbani's of holy sikh scripture (SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI) including japji sahib, jaap sahib , anand sahib, chaupai sahib, tav prasad svye, ardas, aarti, mol mantar, sukhmani sahib, sohela, shabad hazare.

read about gurus

read about the life of sikh gurus, their holy works, their contributions to sikh religion. read almost each and every sakhi of sikh gurus including sri guru nanak dev ji, sri guru angad dev ji, sri guru amar das ji, sri guru ram das ji, sri guru arjan dev ji, sri guru hargobind sahib ji, sri guru har rai ji, sri guru harkrishan ji, sri guru tegh bahadur ji, sri guru gobind singh ji.

read daily Hukamnama

The Hukumnama refers to a hymn from a randomly selected left hand side page from the Guru Granth Sahib on a daily basis in the morning. This is seen as the order of God for that particular day. The Hukamnama is distributed and then read aloud in Gurdwaras throughout the world. Hukamnama, is a compound of two words hukam, meaning command or order, and namah, meaning statement. share hukamnama on whatsapp and facebook.

Read About gurdwaras

sikh bani provide history of various religious gurdwaras in different states of india including jammu-kashmir, haryana, himachal-pradesh, delhi, uttar pradesh as well as in punjab. if you have any suggestions or queries related to click here

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